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The choice is now in your hands with Petrolfinder

Giving you the power to make a smarter choice on where you can fill up your Vehicle before you are on empty.
Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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About Petrolfinder

Good design doesn't date!

Strong core features that are simple to use will always be used.

Why PetrolFinder?

The idea was "Why don't I" moment after being in an unknown area and gas light comes up and panic sets in. I thought that having an app that can show me where the closest Petrol Station seemed like a no brainer, so away we developed

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Clients feedbacks

Fantastic APP although some of the locations need to be updated as some I have noticed seem to be out by a few to many meters but awesome idea thanks.

Mark Williams - Auckland, NZ

I needed this a couple weeks ago while family and I were on holiday, would have come in handy to locate Petrol Stations nearby without having to guess and getting told off by my wife, are you going to add petrol prices as well to this app?

Toby Stables - Auckland, NZ

This will definatley come in handy.

Renee Morgan - Brisbane, Australia

APP Versions


  • free download
  • free support
  • available in nz & aud
  • station information updated regularly


  • free support
  • available worldwide
  • petrol price integration

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Put the choice back in your hands on where you fill up. Knowing where the closest Petrol Station is to your current location will reduce your stress levels and leave you more time to do what you want.
Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

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